Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Successes and Failures of the Princess Quilt

I finally gave T use of her princess quilt.


I was hand quilting it-- following the hearts from the back of the fabric in a variegated pink thread but... it really wasn't adding to the quilt and taking quite a long time. I decided to just bind it and give it to her. It was already "quilted" by machine with clear monofilament thread in all the seams so it didn't *need* anything else to be functional. I ended up folding the backing fabric over the front to bind it (something I've never done before) and just used a zigzag stich to secure it. It probably was a little hastily done and could have been neater but... done is good.


T and I both love that the backing is flannel and very soft. She sleeps with it every night and usually for naptime at home too.

The thing about this quilt that most frustrated me was that everytime I looked at it I saw such a studied, planned out randomness of the squares that it looked rigid to me instead of the freeform look I was going for. Turns out that was only the way it looked on the wall. On the bed, or rather, on my daughter with all the lumps and bumps of a sleeping child underneathe it *does* look random! See for yourself in the picture!

All in all, a success. I like it more and more each day.

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