Saturday, July 23, 2011

NYT biscuits

Breakfast is the easiest meal in my house. I throw some cereal to T, some yogurt at A and whatever else I can scrounge up for S. Complaints are usually at a minimum for the day. When I go above and beyond the call of duty I feel like a superhero; I'm the best mom (and wife) in the world. This morning I made biscuits from the (new) New York Times recipe. I'm thrilled that it doesn't call for buttermilk, like my other go to biscuit recipe. It's not like I have buttermilk in the house regularly, duh! I do have whole milk though (at least until Shayna turns 2). Anyway, they came out great. There is a 30 minute resting time, which sucks a little bit. And I think my other recipe calls for more butter or salt or something cause it's just a little bit yummier. But not so yummy that you should keep buttermilk in your fridge.