Thursday, November 03, 2011

First ticker tape mini quilt

I've been recently encouraged to pick up blogging once again. The main reason I stopped was that it wasn't very easy to do from my phone and I never sit down in front of the computer anymore. I've installed a new app to help, we'll see!

I have definitely been doing my share of quilting. If this post works I will continue to show my back log of recent projects.

I barely ever keep a quilt I make- I always give them as gifts. Out of everything I've ever done I think the two big kids each have a quilt and we have the big picnic blanket. That's it! My newest idea is to make a mini quilt using the fabrics from each of my larger, gifted quilts. This was my first attempt.

I recently made a wedding chuppah for my brother and my new sister-in-law. It was a HUGE project that took me months. I will reveal more in my next post. To keep a momento of the quilt. I made a ticker tape mini quilt to hang in our house.

I am usually inspired most by the fabric when I am designing a project. I buy fabric first, then come up with a way to use it. I used a glorious set of fabric called "Gerta" from Troy fabrics.

I'm glad to have SOMETHING of my own to hang on my wall!