Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A quiet Saturday spent with fabric

I've been procrastinating. I really want to make a quilt for my upcoming baby (due in 3 1/2 weeks!) but for some reason I haven't been. I've had the pattern picked out for months and I've had the fabric at home for weeks. And yet... I guess I feel like it's the last thing I really have to do before he comes. And if I start it, it WILL be the last thing I do and I won't ever get to quilt again because I'll have to be either taking care of my newborn, my toddler, or getting ready for our move. I'm trying to tell myself that once we get settled in Madison I will be able to quilt again-- maybe even as early as the fall!

On Saturday Ron worked all day and he needed the car so... even though it wasn't particularly cold, T and I stayed in all day. We spent the morning cutting out the fabric for the baby quilt. Talia helped me by taking the "strings" away after I rotary cut the blocks. Then she was really interested in making a tower of the fabric on the floor and then stacking them (perfectly, I might add, which scares me since some people in my family have OCD tendencies) neatly in a pile. I cut out all the patterned squares, which took all morning and isn't even really half of the fabric for the quilt but the rest should go more quickly. The sewing should be rather quick as well. I'm not planning on using batting (the whole thing is a thick flannel which is definitely heavy enough) but may have to put an extra later of flannel inside because a lot of the quilt will be off-white and the backing fabric will likely show through. If I didn't have anything else in my life to do, I would say this quilt would take about 4 days. Of course, I have LOTS of other things in my life to do and may not be able to find 4 days before the baby comes.

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