Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Impromptu Spring Picnic

It was so nice out yesterday that we had a picnic dinner on the front porch. My goal was to NOT have to clean the kitchen and pick up rice and beans (Talia's favorite) off the floor. That worked-- I just shook out the picnic blanket and swept the rest onto the grass. There still ended up being a lot of dishes though. Oh well. We all had fun and it was a real change of scenery to sit outside with some good friends!

In other news, my new house cleaning plan seems to be working. The house has been picked up and basically clean (the best I've ever managed anyway) for a week so far,with beds made and shades opened each day. My cleaning people are coming today and all I have to do is wash the bath mats and put out new sheets. Most of the surfaces are cleared off already and the 5 hours of picking up is essentially unnecessary at this point. Even my car is clean! Note to all who know me: clean is a relative term. I really only have two (big, cluttered, overwhelming) rooms to clear out for moving plus the basement, which I tackled in January but definitely have to do again with a clearer focus-- do we REALLY need those items? NO! GET RID OF IT is my new theory.

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