Saturday, April 28, 2007

overdue, more cleaning, and baby birds in a real nest

I never thought I would still be pregnant by now. I feel like I have been pregnant forEVER. Actually I'm feeling better than I was the last few weeks. The minor but annoying cold that I've had for almost 3 months is mostly gone (but may be returning) and I guess the heat from last week was what was making me so swollen and cranky.

Of course, my toddler, who normally sleeps until 8ish is now getting up at 6:30am. Coffee is my friend.

I've been decluttering like a madwoman. Yesterday I did most of the office. I had already done quite a bit but came out with 2 huge trash bags and a huge box of paper for recycling. There are still 2 bookcases but that stuff is mostly Ron's. He can't seem to part with paper or file it either so it just stands in huge piles everywhere, all over the house. I would LOVE to get rid of his magazines. If he won't go through them-- I WILL! Who needs New Yorkers from 5 years ago? Who needs free radiology journals that he never even took out of the plastic (and why do they come in plastic to begin with?)

There is only one more major room to be tackled-- our "junk room" that is filled with toys mostly, but also other things. I've already done a lot of work on it but that means that the stuff that remains is all the stuff that I don't know what to do with. It's a big job but Talia helps me by finding lots of things to play with in there. Now we have a robin's nest in the window with two beautiful eggs but the mama freaks out every time I go in the room. Last year either the eggs didn't make it or she killed them herself because she was so afraid of me. This year I taped a big cardboard in the window so she doesn't see me ALL THE TIME. Hopefully this will help- although I find it so exciting to see when the eggs will hatch. Two years ago I took a video of the new baby birds and they were so alien looking and freaky. Then again, if the mama is so annoyed by me, why build her nest in the same window?

Is it weird that as I'm nesting there is a real bird in a real nest in my window? Symbolism, anyone?

Well, I hope I have this baby soon. Yesterday was my due date, according to my personal calculations. Today is the day according to the midwife. I don't feel like anything is happening (I actually feel like LESS is happening than before). Could I really be pregnant for TWO MORE WEEKS? I remember with T telling my sister that I wasn't feeling ANYTHING and then two hours later starting labor so... keep your fingers crossed.

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