Thursday, April 12, 2007

Twirly Dress

The other day I was trying to get Talia dressed and out of the house and we had to go through EVERY SINGLE dress and we simply could not find one "twirly enough" to satisfy her. I decided to try to find some cheap "post-Easter" dresses that would fit the bill. Sadly, there was not a great selection at Target AND they were not on sale but T really liked this one and was very excited to wear it today. Luckily I tried The Children's Place today and everything was on sale for $3.99-- even the Easter dresses that were originally $30. I bought a few. They're not fantastically beautiful and BELIEVE ME I never thought I would be buying this kind of clothing for my kid but I'm DONE fighting with her over what dress she wants to wear. I need my life to be MORE simple these days. The new dresses are twirly and they were certainly cheap enough. Here's something strange though-- she completely SKIPPED size 3T and went to 4 (in dresses and skirts anyway). I don't know if it's just that I don't want her girl stuff hanging out or what but I can't handle how short everything seems. Everything in her drawers is too small these days.

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