Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What about me?

After cutting out the pieces for the baby quilt, Talia wanted to know when I was going to make another quilt for her. Of course, in going through the fabric she found all the fairy/ ballerina fabric I bought for her last week. I told her I would make her another quilt after I finished the one for the baby. Since we had finished cutting out the pieces she thought we were done. So I quickly put this new quilt together for her. It only took about an hour. I had purchased 1/3 yard of each fabric and coincidentally bought ten pieces so I sewed 5 together in strips for each side and it ended up being 45 X 60 inches. It's heavy flannel so I just sewed it wrong sides together, turned it inside out, topstitched it and followed the seams to finish it off. Easy. Done. We're keeping it downstairs for a couch quilt.

Of course, Talia has picked out about 10 more quilts she wants.

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