Monday, March 10, 2008

T's 4th Birthday Party

The birthday party was extremely successful. It was so nice and easy to have it outside of my home! I'm not sure I'm ever going to have a party at home again! I just love The Little Gym in Middleton. The people who work there are so professional and nice and really have this party thing down! It is so clean there, they learned all 20 kids' names so quickly, they really worked hard to make Talia feel like the center of attention-- it was just excellent. In, out, done! She had a great time, the kids had a great time, I had zero stress whatsoever, it was so simple! Tomorrow is her "real" birthday and we have pretty low-key plans, since Tuesday is the day we rarely leave the house. We're going to go out to lunch with friends and out to dinner (sushi, of course) as a family. I'm not going crazy with presents-- I bought her a cash register and pretend money because we've been playing "store" recently and I have a big princess dollhouse that I bought her for Hanukkah that I never gave her. I'm going to strategically place it in the basement because that's where my sewing room is and I'm hoping to get her to spend more time down there with me!
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denise said...

You have been here only 8 months and already knew 20 kids to invite to the party? Wow! I've been here 8 YEARS... :)

Looks like fun! Happy Birthday!

nkd said...

We invited her whole class, plus some other friends we've made along the way!