Friday, March 14, 2008

Feeling Better

It's been over a week since I took Alex to the doctor and discovered he had a "raging" ear infection. He absolutely HATED taking any medicine but luckily didn't notice it slipped into his bottle. He's still taking the antibiotics, which I'm not sure if I support or not. I guess he's still a little guy and he was so sick... he perked up the next day after starting them so maybe they helped. Now that we took him in to see the doctor I wonder if he hasn't had other ear infections as well. I bet he's had at least one or two others. He has a cold on top of the whole ear infection thing. Ron had it, then Alex, now Talia too. Early this morning Talia wet her bed (for the first time since she started sleeping in panties) - totally my fault- because I gave her a huge glass of milk about an hour before bed. Anyway, she came into my bed at 5:30 and basically had her face right next to me and coughed ALL OVER ME so I'm sure I'll get it next. I'll be happy just as long as we're all healthy for our trip to Holland next month!
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