Saturday, March 08, 2008

Growing Up

I can't believe my baby is going to be 4 on Tuesday. She is definitely growing up. She's trying new things-- we made English Muffin Pizzas yesterday with veggie pepperoni. She didn't really like them (although she loves veggie pepperoni... but, come on, who doesn't?) but she was excited to try them. She's also expanding her mind to include things like wearing pants and colors other than pink. The other day she said, "I'm not that into princesses anymore." So I asked her what she was into and she said, "my brother" which is true. Ten minutes later she wanted to play Ariel of course but she's slowing down a little bit. She says, "I don't like pink anymore, I like blue." I'm trying to teach her that she can like pink AND blue, princesses and other things too.

Another thing she's been doing is fibbing a bit here and there. At first it was to avoid trouble, like when I ask her if her panties are a little bit wet when she has to go potty. She'll say "no but don't come feel them." Or if I ask her if she had one glass of milk or two she might say one when it was really two (I know we're crazy to limit her milk but she would drink two gallons a day and never eat any food!). Last night I was busy with Alex and she wanted dessert. I asked her if she finished her dinner and she said yes and I didn't believe her. She had totally finished it. I never really anticipated this fibbing issue so I haven't really thought about how to handle it. It's really only come up in the last week or two. I have to figure out a response that I can be consistent about... and soon!
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bad mother said...

I've been reading your blog with my little 'liar' asleep next to me and it reminded me of how proud i was when he worked out how to lie...funny too...we had the same issue with pink and blue...he was adament that pink MUST be my favourite colour because I am a girl, right? ...
thanks, I've had fun reading your blog