Thursday, March 20, 2008


Once again Talia's school break somehow takes me by surprise. Maybe because it's not exactly the kind of "spring" I'm used to, maybe because Ron worked on Sunday so it seems like even a LONGER week but I'm totally spent by full time childcare of two kids. I don't want to go out in the morning because I certainly don't want to miss Alex's nap. That means we're homebound until about 1:30, where lately my kids seem to need CONSTANT entertainment. I can't take a shower, clean the house, cook, etc. and I CERTAINLY have not stepped foot into my craft room. Then it's like pulling teeth to get to one activity (Talia is such a homebody--she never wants to go out, even if it's to someplace fun). Since I want to do something enjoyable with the kids each day I put off running my errands. They don't want to go return stuff, pick up groceries or stop by the bank any more than I do and the list just keeps piling up. I don't HAVE to get that stuff done now or this week but I want to cross it all off my list. If I do go somewhere, for example today we went to Michael's to get some craft supplies for the house and for our trip in two weeks to Holland, it's just too much trouble to have to say "no" to every request for items and treats that I'd rather just go another time without T. Alex isn't so happy to be running errands either. I didn't even really get to look around that much to try to find stuff for the airplane ride, or even to keep her occupied during our trip to Chicago this weekend. Wait, I've been so stressed about this trip to Holland that I forgot to be stressed about the trip to Chicago. I need to pack and get the house ready for a weekend away. I guess I should either go and do that or at least go to sleep so I can have more energy to do it tomorrow. I feel extremely overworked. Oh-- and both my kids have snotty noses and are a bit on the cranky side. When does school start again? Not for almost another full week!
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