Friday, March 28, 2008

New Baby Quilt

Trying to get my act together after T's spring break and some trips and visitors. I'm dealing with some seriously bratty/ sassy behavior now that Talia is 4. I'm so shocked by it that I'm not sure how to deal. Time to revisit those "gentle discipline" books I looked at about 10 months ago, which was the last time we went through a rough patch. Let's not forget that everyone in my house has been sick and this winter is never ending.

Anyway, made this quilt a while back for a friend and I'm happy to say it has now been delivered (no pun intended?). It's the first time I ever made a whole cloth quilt-- I thought it would be quick. It wasn't quick because I did a lot more quilting on it than usual. I hand quilted around select fish with orange and then did closely spaced waves throughout the whole thing. It's pretty cute and just right for a new healthy baby boy (over 10 pounds!). I have a bunch more ideas for whole cloth quilts. Perhaps I'll get to them someday...
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