Monday, February 18, 2008

Yes, We Can.

In November I'm going to vote for the Democratic Presidential Candidate, no matter who it is. There will be no thought, no hesitation, no fanfare, no big deal. This means, of course, that my political moment is NOW. Tomorrow is the Wisconsin primary and I have a decision to make. I always thought I would vote for a woman candidate as soon as I could. I went to an all-women college. I was a Feminist and Gender Studies major. I thought I would vote for Hillary all along this season. Then, a few weeks ago I began to change my mind. Ron says I'm jumping on a bandwagon. I just think I finally sat down to do a little homework. I am excited by Obama's message. I want change and I want to believe we can achieve it. I think Hillary already thinks she knows what she can accomplish as president because she has all that experience in the Senate and as First Lady. I think this means she will be more conservative and not try new things. I think the one thing we've learned from the last 8 years is that the predisent can pretty much do whatever he damn well pleases. I want a candidate who is going to reach for the stars. I want Obama and I will be voting for him tomorrow. No, I don't know everything about him. I read his blueprint for change and have listened to my share of NPR. His message resonates with young people who are tired of the status quo and want to try something new. I'm in. Yes, we can.

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Luckybear said...


I'm one of your fellow RR quilters. I just wanted to let you know I went to see Obama speak here in Dallas yesterday. He is truly inspiring. Like you I wanted to vote for a good woman candidate. I admire Hillary, but can't bring myself to choose her over Obama. Either way though it's great to have to excellent choices!