Monday, February 25, 2008

Quilt Concepts

I was sketching out a new quilt and Talia wanted to make her own. Not only did she sit for a LONG time working on it, she has been wanting to work on it (and others) more more more. She seems to relish the graph paper (OCD?) and likes the colored pencils too. Now if only she'd be willing to accompany me down to the craft room/ basement I might be able to actually GET SOMETHING DONE. I offer to let her watch princess movies or even PAINT on her easel down there but she doesn't want to go. Probably because I pay absolutely NO ATTENTION to her whatsoever when we're there.

If anyone has suggestions to help me get her into the basement (which is completely finished and comfy, filled with toys and has her own art space with many exciting tools...) please let me know!
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Nancy said...

How about starting her out with some fabric pieces, a glue stick and heavy cardstock?

She could cut and paste to her hearts content....