Monday, February 25, 2008

Quiet Weekend at Home

If someone had told me a year ago that I would think temperatures in the low 30's are WARM I'd have laughed my ass off. On Sunday we took a family walk down to Beansprouts Cafe. Talia has never liked the food there (I don't particularly either) but Alex sort of liked one of the babyfood dishes they had. The chalkboard, toys and light filled space are always a hit though. It's something to do...

We also went to "family swim" at SwimWest, the place where T takes her swimming lessons. It's a pain to get all the gear and towels together (plus the subsequent laundry) but we're always looking for new and exciting family adventures. Alex certainly enjoyed himself. Talia liked it too- especially since she could wear her floaties. Hopefully she won't give me a fuss about swim lessons this afternoon. I really do want her to learn to swim. Apparently she's improving since I can move her to the next level for the spring session but she definitely doesn't want to go. I think she generally has a good time once she's there.
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