Friday, May 22, 2009

Cowgirl Skirt

Whenever I am sewing-- no matter what I am sewing-- Talia always wants me to make her something too. I used this brown daisy fabric for a trim on an apron I made myself (I plan to alter it so I haven't posted it yet) and she, of course, NEEDED a skirt made out of that exact fabric. I used part of an old dress pattern to make the skirt and added a store bought red ruffle trim. Talia was adamant that she wanted an apron on the skirt so I added that as well. I like that she helps me "design" clothes. The skirt is way more twirly than I wanted it (that bottom ruffle is actually FOUR yards, gathered) but she likes it and today, when she wore it for the first time she got many compliments and said she felt special. I'm happy to oblige. I feel like I should get her some cowboy boots to go with it. And yes, she likes the Red Riding Hood shirt I made her.
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Shawn said...

Cute!! My granddaughter like ruffley skirts too. Looks great with the t-shirt.