Sunday, May 10, 2009

A field of dandelions

We had a very busy day yesterday with many accomplishments-- a ballet recital, a playdate, planting the garden, cooking dinner plus sharing it with friends, and finally... a sewing machine purchase! Stay tuned!
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Allison said...

I loved your comment on my blog... :) Luckily (for now) I only have one kid..who takes like two hour naps every day and goes to bed early. So that helps, and my husband is in med school, so I never ever see him. Sewing keeps me sane. Some days I only get maybe one or two quilt blocks done, but it goes together really fast after that. I'm sure after I have more kids my time will become more and more I'm trying to take advantage and sew as much as I can now!!!! Thanks for stopping by, and for saying hello, I love seeing what everyone else is up too! -Allison

Jessica Regele said...

HI Nikki-We met at the park the other day (if you don't count our contemplation of sand/water tables at Toy S R us as the first time meeting) Really enjoyed reading your blog. Your quilts are beautiful and I'm going to jot down some of your recipes. How's the new machine? Have you had much time to work more on projects?
Jessica Regele