Thursday, May 07, 2009

Spring CSA: Week One

We belong to Vermont Valley CSA. Last year we only got summer shares. This year we are getting spring shares as well. It is an exciting but daunting challenge to figure out how to serve all those vegetables each week. We rose to the challenge this first week. Here's what we came up with:

Salad mix and Lettuce Head: Those are easy-- they fed us three salads throughout the week.
Arugula: I made arugula pesto which I served with tortellini and sun-dried tomatoes. Alex actually ate it!
Bok Choy: I made a fried rice stir fry with pretty much every vegetable in my fridge (carrots, onions, broccoli, snap peas, frozen peas). It was a little bland but I served it with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. I'm still eating it 4 days later. I like to put pickle-y banana peppers in it. Actually lately I'm putting those on everything. I mean EVERYTHING.
Dandelion Greens: Sauteed with onions and parmesan and served with leftover arugula pesto tortellini
"Saute Mix": This is a bag of mixed greens. I don't really know what's in it. I just sauteed it with sesame oil and soy sauce and garlic. Served with the fried rice dinner.
Spinach: I added some to the arugula pesto and some to the sauteed dandelion greens.
Radishes: I made a yummy radish and white bean salad with feta and lemon.
Chives: Sprinkled on everything

The only thing we have left is watercress. I'm planning on adding some to tonight's dinner and a special salad for tomorrow. We pick up the next CSA box today so I'm feeling pretty good about my accomplishment with last week's supply. Plus, we were gone for two dinners over the weekend. Today we get fresh goat cheese and farm fresh eggs. I'm looking forward to that!
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Carrie said...

We did CSA a few years back but didn't get much. Sounds like you had gotten a lot of nice produce! I have never tried dandelion greens before....did you like them?

Nikki said...

So far all the greens tasted like... greens. I really like sauteed spinach with either garlic and olive oil or sesame oil and soy sauce. The dandelion greens tasted pretty much the same as spinach in that way.