Thursday, May 07, 2009

No More Babies in the House

Alex is two! We spent his birthday in Chicago at Navy Pier (the ferris wheel!) and the Children's Museum. He definitely didn't know it was his birthday despite many attempts by Talia to explain it to him. She kept saying, "Alex, do you know what a birthday is?" and "It's your birthday!" The funny thing is that he would never answer whether or not he knew what a birthday is so instead of continuing on to tell him what a birthday is she just kept asking him. Over and over again. With all our traveling Alex didn't get to take a nap on his birthday and was thus pretty cranky by dinner. He didn't eat much and was simply not interested in sitting for a birthday cookie/ice cream combo. He got a second wind when we all went swimming at the hotel.

So there are no more babies in my house and no current plans for any more. I still can't manage to give away that sling and co-sleeper though... so you never know.
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