Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On the edge

"I'm kind of like a baby but kind of like a big girl too."

Out of the mouths of babes! What do you do when you child is mature enough to stay dry overnight but not mature enough to get out of bed and go to the bathroom at night without freaking out? Talia has NEVER been a good sleeper and still rarely sleeps through the night. Now that she can stay dry overnight we have a new set of problems. Up until a few weeks ago, she would just pee in a diaper overnight and not really notice. Now that she stays dry, she wakes up crying hysterically if she has to pee. The trick has been to give her "milky" early so she won't have to pee overnight. But we often go out after dinner to the park or somewhere else and she doesn't always get her milk in early enough. She has no problem wearing a diaper to bed but instead of peeing and staying asleep she now will wake up and cry if she has to pee. She thought she HAD peed in her diaper the other night and was really upset-- even though we weren't upset at all! I think I have created a monster. She still will forget to go to the bathroom during the day once in a while and pee "just a teeny tiny bit" in her panties and certainly doesn't feel any shame about that so... what's the deal!?!?

Three nights ago Talia had a fever and woke up with nightmares about "people who grew taller and taller." She also freaked out because her water bottle was in front of her clock and it created a prism effect and the water bottle glowed red. She kept thinking people were coming into her room. She woke up hysterical and talking nonsense three times. Now she won't sleep with her nightlight and wants the door open and the hall light on. I bet Alex will sleep through the night before she does.

On another note, we moved Alex to his room (out of ours) and of course, he got his first fever/sickness that very night and is now back in our room. He woke up 4 times before 11:30pm. Last night I kept him well-medicated and we was acutally fine (in our room). We'll try again in another night or two.
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