Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I've been going to garage sales on Friday mornings after I drop T at school. I'm really just looking for another exersaucer for the basement. By the time I find one Alex will have grown out of it already. I just go on Craigslist, pick out a few sales that say "kids' stuff" and are in my area and then plug the addresses into my GPS. I *love* GPS! Anyway, I saw one that said "many quilts" so I added it to my list. When I got there I noticed a very determined looking woman had just gotten out of her car and was heading up the driveway. She literally SNATCHED a handmade double wedding ring quilt ($20) out from under me. She also took another one I wanted. I overheard her saying she wants to use them to practice her machine free-quilting (Not a bad idea actually). I got this fantastic 1970's polyester blend material quilt. It is very much "of an era!" There are some really wild prints. It's huge-- at least a queen size. I don't know what kind of batting was used but this quilt weighs about a million pounds. The back looks like it might be a floral bed sheet with light blue strips attached to each side. It is machine pieced and hand quilted in diagonal rows (each square has an "X" quilted in it). $12.50, I'm thrilled! I also got about 20 hand embroidered hankies and dishtowels ($0.50 each). I hope to piece them together... someday. At another sale I got a bunch of clothes for Alex including a pair of 80's white overalls with red, blue, green and yellow airplanes on them. I also got a yellow fireman/ policeman jacket for $1 that I gave to T's class. Those kids LOVE firefighters.
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