Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Better than expected

I made my first freezer paper stencil shirt. It came out GREAT! (ok, it's a little off center. I seem to be doing that lately...) I originally used a glitter fabric paint. I thought it was silver glittery paint but it turned out to be clear with silver glitter. I just put the blue on top so now it's actually blue with a hint of glitter. I love it. It was very easy but I had to force myself to be precise-- I HATE being precise-- in my tracing and cutting. I have a bunch of other stencils I want to do. I have to find a plain shirt for Talia... I can't wait for this to dry so Alex can wear it!
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Em said...

Where did you find the idea for the freezer paper stencil? It looks so great! Em (emandmikeyATaolDOTcom)