Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quilt in Progress

Been working on this one (in 5 minutes spurts) for a while. I'm proud to say the quilt top is completed. Sadly, that's only half the work. Obviously, I used Denyse Schmidt's Hop Skip Jump pattern (although I did it freehand). I love the fabrics in this quilt. It's a baby (boy) quilt for a good friend of Ron's. I know she will like it-- but I doubt she has any idea of the work that goes into making a quilt! Does anyone?
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Beth said...

Love the colors! Looks great!

fivegreenacres said...

We're making the Hop Skip Jump pattern too, as a wedding gift for family. We're about this far, too. Have the quilt top done (we did it freehand, too, in an assortment of reds) and now on to the sandwiching part. My biggest holdup seems to be finding a space big enough to do this that's CLEAN (not full of dust, food crumbs, dog hair...)
Of course I'm reading this post way after it was originally posted, and I see the finished product posted in the future. Looks great!! A good inspiration for me to get ours finished...