Friday, June 13, 2008

Spring Fling Round Robin-- Received!

This is the quilt I received from the Spring Fling Round Robin. I have to say I didn't particularly notice it as the progress was being posted on the site. I think the small pictures there don't do it justice (so make sure you click on this picture to take a better look). Holding it in my hands I absolutely LOVE IT. The fabrics are fantastic. It's a great color combination (the patterned green pinwheel is my fave followed by the print in the outer border). I love how the quilt combines traditional blocks, like the pinwheels and a basket block, with modern fabrics the raw applique butterflies (such a nice touch!) and modern quilting. It's free-motion machine quilted which is a complete mystery to me. I once bought a darning foot to try it out myself and it got lost in our move. Unless you have a longarm machine I don't see how it can be done so well (do you have a longarm Kathy?). Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who worked on this quilt. I loved being part of this challenge. It's great to work with other women to create beautiful art- especially since I don't really know any other quilters in the "real world". You have become my friends and I look forward to working with you again!
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