Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Suggestions Please!

Something is eating my tomatoes! Any ideas? I've seen chipmunks and rabbits in my neighborhood (and many many birds) but I have not seen anything in my garden. There are bugs but nothing that I've specifically noticed hanging out on the plants. Maybe slugs? I left some beer out for them but nothing has crawled inside. Also, are the "rips" in my plant leaves from pests or wind? Help help help!
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Margaret aka Supermom said...

critters that like to come out at night...UGH

I have done gardens for 4-5 yrs and after having mine ravished at night last summer I put up a 4' fence. Try looking for footprints. If big, then they are deer, which like lots of stuff like tomatoes, beans. Slugs you would see. If it bugs, you should see some still there in the morning. Look out for rather large hook caterpillars (that's not the tech name). They are bright green, have a hook and can DEVOUR a tomato plant quicky.

denise said...

Yeah, I was thinking tomato fruitworm or hornworms too. We go out and manually pick off any caterpillars we see - some of them are the perfect green of the tomato plant that it is hard to see. Hornwoms also eat the foliage and leaves, so easier to see. Fruitworms only eat holes into the tomatoes, I think. I sometimes spray a mix of Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap/water from a spray bottle onto areas with bugs - doesn't hurt the plant at all, is all natural, and bugs hate the mint oil.

I'm not an expert, ;) but the leaves look more like hail or regular damage and not bugs...bug damage is usually pretty uniform holes or chomp marks. And slugs, well, you would see them.

Good luck!