Monday, September 03, 2007

She poops!

I know, really exciting stuff! After more than a year of T peeing on the potty (she was very easy to train and I'm thankful for that), she finally will now POOP on the potty! It took a few months of us struggling to get her to try. No amount of bribery worked. I finally used the "we have no more diapers/ pull ups" trick. I let her watch the pile dwindle down and finally I just told he we didn't have any more. She was so proud of herself! I took her straight to the toy store and she picked out a Sleeping Beauty dress up dress with shoes and a wand. We called all of our family from the car. The next day she reminded me that I had promised to paint her nails when she went (one of a LONG SERIES of bribes that included chewing gum, getting some Princess Polly Pockets, eating chocolate covered cherries etc.). It's been about 5 days now and all is well in the universe!
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