Monday, September 03, 2007

I made something else!

A birthday gift. It's a knitting needle roll. You stick in your needles, roll it up and carry it around. Not my best work yet again. I had some squirmy kids on my lap a lot of the time. I also had some sewing machine problems. I think the bobbins I got are slightly too tall for my machine. I also didn't use a pattern, didn't measure anything, didn't plan it out before I did it, didn't pin anything, and didn't make my own binding. But hey-- a friend got a homemade 30th birthday present! And I learned how fun it can be to actually quilt (as opposed to piecing, which I already love) when the project is small and it's easy to turn it in the machine. I bought a darning foot for my machine a while ago. I never tried it out. Perhaps that's what I need to do. I think the next quilt I make I'm going to send out to get quilted by someone with a long arm machine. Does that mean I didn't make the quilt myself? I think so...
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