Monday, September 03, 2007

Chocolate chip pancakes

On one of our weekly trips to the library we found a book called Tallulah in the Kitchen by Nancy Wolff. In it Tallulah bakes blueberry pancakes. The story is basically a how-to book and I thought it might be nice to make pancakes (chocolate chip of course) as an activity. Usually I think stuff like that ends up being more trouble than fun but with TWO adults home it actually worked out great. Ron did most of the cooking since I had Alex in the sling. We all ate them and they were delicious. Of course, the next day T wanted them again and Ron told her we didn't have all the ingredients. T then proceeded to list EACH ingredient from memory and point out that we still have everything. "We have eggs!... We have baking powder!... We have milk!..." I couldn't believe she remembered EVERYTHING. My smart girl!
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