Saturday, May 19, 2007

Not using my time wisely

My daughter, son and husband are sleeping. I'm cleaning, checking email, trying to find some dinner for my family. I haven't napped in a few days and I'm pretty tired. Somehow so far, miraculously, Alex seems to be asleep during Talia's bedtime routine (a long procedure that seems to get longer) and sometimes dinner too. He's not too bad at night. He seems to mostly sleep and eat with maybe an hour of fussiness (so far). My problem is that I can stay up late and get up in the middle of the night but come, say, 4 am- 8am and I just CAN'T get out of bed. I become lazy, not changing his diaper and feeding him in bed instead of getting up. Not putting him back in the co-sleeper after feeding him but letting him sleep on me because it's easier. This time around I didn't remove the featherbed or switch from our death trap down comforters or anything. It's interesting to see how things are different with the second kid (but that's another post).

Ron has been sleeping upstairs and coming down at 4am to do a feeding before getting up and going to work. I don't know if it's him or Alex but the baby doesn't seem to go back to sleep as easily at that time and Ron's a light sleeper so he's feeling very tired as well. He says he's more tired than me. What a laugh.

Ok, maybe I'll lay down on the couch for a little while since everyone else is sleeping. I can look at all the books I took out from the library today about parenting and discipline for toddlers. One is called something like, "getting up, getting dressed, going to bed and eating-- ending the everyday battles." Sounds like exactly our problem!

I hear some squeaks from the other room. Looks like maybe I won't get to lie down today after all...

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