Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another good day!

I made sure all of Talia's favorite clothes were clean and I promised her a lollipop in the car on the way to school but... she didn't give me any grief about going AND she was there about an hour and a half EARLIER than usual. Of course, that meant I didn't shower or eat or put clothes on Alex or anything but it worked out great.

She is wanting to help more with Alex by feeding him etc. I left him in the swing and went upstairs to put clothes on and I'm pretty sure she held his hand the whole time. As I was leaving school I think she thought I was forgetting to take him with me and she pointed to him and seemed genuinely concerned. She says she wants to help feed him, burp him and give him a bath tonight.

I spent the day shopping (new stroller, spare car seat base for the new car, some new pj's and t-shirts for T-- when and how did she skip 3T and go straight to 4T or even 4??!??) and cleaning the house. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, Alex slept all day. I did not take a nap because I was so excited to have the day "alone" and put my house back together after all the visitors etc. I was about to lie down on the couch with him for 30 minutes but I really wanted to cut up some vegetables for dinner since I PROMISED I would cook for my family since we've been eating such crap. So I didn't nap. But my house is clean. I taped some TV last night so I should be able to watch it in my bedroom while I'm up all night with the baby!

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