Thursday, May 24, 2007


My first new car! We bought a Toyota Hybrid Highlander. It's pretty cool. Of course, my favorite feature is that I can type in a "to do list" on the computer monitor while I'm driving. THAT is awesome. Then when I get in the car the screen says "Get milk" or "go to the bank."

The car is NOT that big honestly. With the two car seats in, I can also sit in the back AND buckle my seat belt (which I couldn't do in the Mazda) but I can't fold down the second row seat to get to the third row (which is generally folded in the floor). This means that we will have to unbuckle the car seat to put people in the backy-back, although last night our friends just climbed in through the trunk... but they are an agile pair.

I feel so good about buying the hybrid. It's something that Ron and I talked about for so long. The truth is, I shouldn't feel so good. I mean, it's only money. If we didn't have it (well, we DON'T have it, but will soon) then we wouldn't have bought the car.

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