Friday, May 25, 2007

My baby's all grown up

I remember when Talia was born I just wanted a week to have gone by. The first few days seemed to go so S-L-O-W-L-Y. I remember that by the time she was one month old, I felt like I pretty much had everything under control. I wasn't so stressed anymore and was able to enjoy her more. A schedule of some sort had emerged. I felt competent.

This time around, I can't believe a month has almost gone by ALREADY. I don't know where the time has gone. There have been some major changes in my baby. For one thing, somehow I noticed the other day that he got HUGE! I put him in an outfit that I had looked at when he first came home and LAUGHED at how big it looked! Now it totally fits. He also needs a little more entertainment than he first did. We've been putting him in the swing, putting him on the playmat, talking to him more. He also has infant acne. Yuck. I was hoping that somehow he wouldn't get it. It's not too bad yet and if I remember correctly, goes away pretty quickly. For some reason it doesn't really show up in basic photoraphs either. If it's not documented then I guess it doesn't really exist.

I know I'm supposed to really enjoy this time because they aren't small forever. I know I should spend more time looking at him, exploring him, savoring him at this age. It's hard to do that though. I'm still overwhelmed with taking care of two kids. I'm definitely stressed about the move (1 month from tomorrow) and now I'm nervous about this upcoming weekend-- Ron is working/ on call for FOUR days in a row. It's not that he won't be around at all, he spends a lot of time working from home but-- if he's particularly busy he won't be able to help much, he'll be stressed too and if he doesn't get sleep at night he'll be pretty worthless to me for days to come. We have plans for each day but that doesn't always mean an easy time...

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