Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Looooooong Weekend



T and Alex

with Diego at the pool

new fairy costume (a big sister present)

Well, we survived the weekend.

On Saturday Talia, Alex and I went to NanaPapa's house. I set up the sprinkler in their yard, which provided about 30 minutes of fun. It was a pretty relaxing day, except for all the crap I had to pack in and out of the car. I don't even think I forgot anything while I was there, which would be a first. I knew Alex would wake up on the ride home and he did. I was smart enough to stop at a school and let Talia play on the playground while I fed him. He did his "I'm hungry but I'm choking/ drowning and my stomach is making loud noises and I'm really frustrated so I'm just going to scream" thing. I finally threw him in the car, screaming, and somehow he quieted down. Right before we got to Philadelphia we drove through a huge rainstorm. Talia noticed thunder and lightening for the first time. She definitely didn't like it! One thing we discovered was... books on tape. Talia listened to her Curious George CD and followed along with the book and gave me no trouble at all! Thank you Jessi! Now we need more more more!

On Sunday I took the kids to Talia's friend Lily's house. It was the first time that T and Lily REALLY played together. They even went upstairs alone and we didn't hear anything from them for a while. Sadly, they both started melting down after lunch (which neither really ate) and Talia was a crazy cranky face when we tried to leave. She was overtired, hungry and for some reason quite violent. She was CONVINCED that we were leaving her hair clips at Lily's house but I had taken them out at home and she hadn't noticed. She was HYSTERICAL about it. She fought taking a nap but eventually crashed hard.

On Monday we went to the pool with Diego. Luckily we had a babysitter so it ended up being 3 adults and 4 kids. The babysitter took Talia and Diego in the big pool. Talia didn't want to go in the baby pool because it was "dirty" on the bottom and she didn't want to go in the big pool because there were some bugs in it. Eventually she did go in and had a great time. She freaked out if anyone touched her buckets or shovel or anything. One time though, a kid wanted one of her toys and she said no and I suggested perhaps she could share it since she was going in the big pool and wouldn't need it. She actually agreed-- and quite sweetly! The babysitter came back to the house with us and helped out for a few hours. I got to take a nap with Talia and she watched Alex- who screamed the entire time.

Ron took Tuesday off. We didn't get too much done despite our best efforts. Food was purchased, dinner got cooked, the house is... ok, and we took Talia to the park. Last night Alex was up and cranky a bunch of the time. I guess that cranky crying time is beginning. Great.

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