Saturday, January 08, 2011

Is it possible that my mom is a genius?

I've written before that my mom isn't the most "domestic" mom on the planet. She has no idea who gave me the "crafty" gene. And yet today, I'm wondering if my mom is maybe a crafty, problem-solving genius. See, I'm always complaining that my pants are falling down. Sadly it's not because I've lost tons and tons of weight (well, ok, a little!) but because I'm always buying jeans and pants with some stretch in them. I've become so used to comfy yoga pants that I can't bear to put on anything that actually fits. (Gee, I wonder why Talia will only wear leggings?!?) So I put on my jeans in morning, straight from the wash let's say, and I can hardly close them. By lunchtime they've stretched enough so that I can pull them down without even unbuttoning them! It's pretty frustrating and always leads me back to those yoga pants (oh how I love thee). Enter my mom who tells me she has been sewing (!) on a second button to all her pants for at least a year. Once the pants start to stretch she just moves them over to the second button. DUH! I bought a package of jeans buttons from Joann's-- you don't even have to sew them, just hammer them in! Now my pants aren't falling down (as much)! I think my mom might be a genius!
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mommy/nana said...

I have always been a genuis! You're only mature enough to see it now!!!!
Remember how I fixed our microwave handle problem (couldn't get a new one) by buying a black rubber pan handle, slicing it down the back and putting it on the yukky handle --- looks great!!!!
BTW...I put the new button further 'll have to as well. Also, since we don;t wear our shirts in at the waist, any button will do!!! It's covered anyway!!!
Am I famous now???
Love you so very much!!!