Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sometimes I knit.

I started this hat for Talia in 2009, while I was pregnant with Shayna. I made Shayna a little newborn one and promised Talia I would make a matching one for her. It took me over a year but I finally returned to the project last week and voila! a bunny hat! Now I've started one for Alex in gray with pink stripes. Sometimes I forget how pleasurable knitting is. It can get a little boring so I try to stick with small projects. For Alex's I put in a rib at the bottom instead of a roll, just to change it up a little and make it more interesting. I just finished the rib and am starting the first pink stripe. Now Ron wants one and Shanya needs a new one so I may be busy with that for a while.

I have many projects I'm working on right now-- a quilt for my nephew (I'm in the basting stage, ugh!), a top secret paper project that is a gift, and a loooooooong wish list of other projects. It's nice to have my creative energy back after a dry spell. But now I don't want to go to the gym as much. I really only have time for one or the other. Not both.
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