Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Mom! Emergency downstairs!"

I've been working on independence with Talia (Well, I call it "working in independence" but it's really "working on letting Mommy sleep in"). I'm willing to put up with a little mess in exchange for the extra sleep. Talia has successfully gotten herself breakfast a few times recently and also does a pretty good job of taking care of Alex on weekend mornings. I suppose keeping the cereal on the absolute highest shelf in the closet (I can hardly reach it) isn't exactly the best place for it. Over the summer I tried keeping a low shelf with foods that the kids are allowed to take on their own but somehow I fell out of that habit. This is the emergency situation I was called to at 7:45 this morning. Someone owes me about $3 and an hour of extra sleep. I'll just put it on the kids' tab.
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