Monday, October 20, 2008

What We're Eating: Garbage Salad

I suspect "Garbage Salad" isn't the most appetizing name for this most delicious dish. The garbage part just refers to the fact that I take whatever vegetables I have in the fridge and throw them in. This week it was a mix of greens-- some from the CSA, some from the supermarket, tomatoes from my garden, a green pepper and cucumber I found in the fridge as well as carrots and kohlrabi from the CSA. Homemade croutons from stale sourdough bread and asiago cheese ($24/pound!) as well. The dressing is a simple red wine vinaigrette-- 5 tbl olive oil, 3 tbl red wine vinegar, 2 tsp country dijon mustard, salt and pepper. I like it to be really tart so taste it and add more vinegar or mustard if needed. Usually I wait until the last minute to add the salad dressing but this one needs to be dressed a few minutes early so the croutons can soak up the dressing. Be careful-- this salad can get really large because it uses up everything in your fridge. I always make sure to take some out before it's dressed (and leave those tomatoes off too) so I can have some for lunch the next day. yum.
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Tropical Screamer said...

You made my mouth water. This is my idea of a great salad.

Sometimes I throw it in a tortilla and call it a cold fajita. LOL.

Best regards,

joanna said...

Yum! I want to come eat at your house!!! This looks like heaven to me.

Glad you still have some tomatoes!