Friday, October 17, 2008

New outfit for Alex

I bought this fabric at the Quilt Expo with this outfit in mind for Alex (Alexander Henry's Traffic Jam fabric). I did not use a pattern for the pants and they came out way too tight on his little bottom. It took a lot of effort to squeeze him into them. I actually had to take off his perfectly clean cloth diaper and put him into a disposable to get his butt to fit in. He could hardly sit down but they were just so damn cute! I appliqued the fabric on the t-shirt to match. Tomorrow if I get a minute I will try again with the pants. Perhaps I will find some tall skinny kid to whom I can pass these along. They are about a 2T in length and maybe a 12-18 mo in the waist.

PS. This stroller got a lot of wear from Talia back in the day. Now it's Alex's turn. I had to bring it in the car today because he wouldn't let go of it.
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