Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2009- Chocolate Chip Cookie Costumes

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I never really wanted to make my kids constumes because it seemed like you could get whatever you wanted for a reasonable price. I feel like making a princess dress would take me a lot longer and cost me more than the $30 it costs to buy one. This year I found the perfect Annie dress for Talia at a thrift store and even found red/orange hair dye. I figured that would be easy and she was on board. Then my sister asked me to make my niece Marley a cookie treat bag to carry with her Cookie Monster costume. I made the mistake of bringing Talia with me to buy the fabric and she said she wanted to be a cookie and match with Alex for Halloween. I basically had the kids lay down on the polarfleece fabric and then I drew a circle around them. I fused on the chocolate chips on and the appliqued a cute swirl pattern on them. Sewed the two pieces together leaving the neck and the bottom open for legs. I think the key element was cutting the arm holes into the front of the fabric, which I just did with the costumes already on the kids. I googled some images for advice and noticed that all the M&M costumes had this done. On my own I would have left the armholes in the side seams. I tried to sew boning into the seams to make it seem more round but it didn't look better, it looked worse and stiff too.

Of course Talia ended up not wanting to wear the cookie costume and went as Cinderella (again) to the Halloween parade and party at school yesterday. All day today she wore her Cinderella costume and then at the last minute she wanted to be the cookie. I recognize that Halloween is a holiday for kids and I shouldn't be personally invested in what my kids wear. She said this morning, "Well, if you really want me to be a cookie I will..." and I told her that it really didn't matter to me and she could be whatever she wanted. Secretly I was really happy she chose the cookie. I wore an apron and a chef's hat and carried a spatula and we got many many compliments on our attire. Whew!
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Holly said...

Very cute! I like homemade costumes much better than store-bought. Good Job:)

Mindi and Adrian said...

I know this post is very old but thanks for it. I'm making a cookie costume for my 6 month old and this will be a great resource! Love the idea of using polar fleece. I agree, I love homemade costumes over store bought.