Thursday, March 22, 2007

Things I love/ Things I don't (about the new house)

Things I love about the house:

Detail on the stairs!
All the built in cabinets!
The kitchen (I think I love it anyway)!
Playroom on first floor is hidden!
A master bath!
Guest room is in the basement with full bath!
Living room with gas fireplace!
Style built in to the design of the house!
A garage!
Linen closets!
A coat closet!
Things I don't love about the house:
Lack of land
Closeness to the street
No mail delivery! Help!
Distance from downtown?
Dangerous/ high/ narrow cement steps leading to front door
The front porch seems and doesn't seem to get light...
What the hell will we do with that huge room on the second floor?
Dining room is too small and you can see the kitchen from it (I'm a messy cook)

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