Thursday, March 15, 2007

talk about tedious/ 700 pins

I used all my pins (and then some) to baste the princess quilt.
I used about 25 pins per 10 inch square and there were 30 squares so... that's over 750 pins. I put them in on Tuesday and took them out on Wednesday after machine stitching with clear monofilament thread. Basically I'm saying my fingers hurt. I decided to follow the backing fabric and hand quilt hundreds of hearts (from the back) with variegated pink thread. It looks pretty good but I almost wish the thread was darker so it would show up more. I'm hoping to be able to do it within two weeks since T is really ready to use it! I haven't decided what to use to bind it. I might just fold the backing fabric over since it's flannel and would therefore be soft.

In the meantime I have about four other quilts I'm working on in my head. I might whip up a baby quilt today (I guess I should get to it...) for a friend that I've been MEANING to send a gift to for a few months already. I feel so bad about the belated gift that I think I should make something by hand. I could do it in a few hours with fabric I have lying around.

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