Thursday, March 15, 2007

birthday weekend

Daycare Party
Preschool Party

Kiddie Party

Family Party

So we had FOUR parties all together for Talia who is now THREE. One party each at preschool and daycare (just cupcakes and party hats), a party for kids at the house on Saturday and a family party on Sunday. I'm exhausted. Actually, everything went really well. I decided that I wouldn't cook or bake any cakes or even cut up vegetables and fruit. I simply bought everything premade and ordered pizza.

Talia was very good at her friend party. I think all the kids were good but with a ratio of about 1.5 adults per child maybe everything was just taken care of without my noticing. For the first time ever I had T go around the house and choose toys she felt she just couldn't share to put away. That seemed to work really well. She actually picked what I would have picked for her; stuff she's had trouble sharing in the past. At first when I proposed the idea she said we should put away "all of the toys" but quickly came around. The kids did a little art project and mostly played and ate. Ron mostly kept an eye on Talia and I was able to talk with friends. After the party was over we all took a family nap and cleaned up later.

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