Friday, December 12, 2008

911... What's your emergency?

Talia had her first ballet recital. I am happy to report that while she is not the most graceful student in the class she seems to hold her own for the most part. Alex was a total menace during the "performance." Everytime I took my camera out he was whining and stamping his feet because he wanted to hold it.

At one point there was a little break and I let him run around in the parent waiting room. There I discovered that one of the grandparents who had come to watch the show was feeling faint. He drank some water and took some slow deep breaths. His pulse was normal and his color looked ok. A few moments later he was unresponsive but still breathing. I tried to call 911 but my phone doesn't work well at ballet (it's in the basement). I had to leave the room-- with Alex-- and walk until I had better reception. I answered the dispatcher's questions but I wanted to get back and see how he was doing. The dispatcher didn't want me to get off the phone but he kept asking how the patient was now. I kept trying to explain that I wasn't with the patient because I had no reception there. Finally I hung up on him so I could get back to the man. He came to and seemed disoriented, very pale and diaphoretic. Paramedics came after a few minutes and they took over from there. I missed a major part of the ballet performance but I felt like I had done my good deed for the day.
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