Saturday, September 27, 2008

"How's the Garden?" you might ask...

The garden is still going strong. We've had a resurgence in peppers and eggplants-- definitely enough to keep up with though. The recent rains have revived my parsley crop. The cherry tomatoes are still coming in strong with many many new yellow flowers that may or may not have a chance to become tomatoes before the first frost. I'm sort of sick of cherry tomatoes-- sick of eating them, sick of picking them, sick of seeing them. I don't pick them that often so when I do (twice a week?) I have way too many and some are overripe. They are seem to be splitting either on the vine or right after being picked. I don't have an abundance of big tomatoes but I have some. They seem to be really small. I actually bought tomatoes last week, can you believe it? I think I went three months without buying them so... I guess that would be about $100 saved. I'll subtract it from the cost of the garden bed, books, seeds and plants etc. Actually, at that rate it will only take me about 4 years of tomato savings to work it off.

The one thing I know nothing about is how to put the garden bed to sleep. Rip up the old plants and then what? Can I bring some of my herbs inside? which ones? There's nothing I hate more than paying for fresh herbs at the grocery store. Any advice would be appreciated!
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