Sunday, September 14, 2008


I wrote that the sleeping situation was bad in our house. Miraculously we had two great nights after that. So I wrote that things were getting better. Then we had two bad nights. Now things are good again-- we've had two good nights. Am I jinxing it? I should keep a chart.

In this picture Talia is wearing her "Team Petra" shirt. We wore it to the Ironman Race and got to see our friend Petra who participated (and finished!). I love going to the Ironman; we went last year too. Ron says he feels worthless while watching the racers-- I feel quite the opposite. It is incredible to see people who set such an outlandish goal for themselves-- swim 2.4 miles, then bike 112 miles, then run a marathon of 26.2 miles. All in the same day. I love seeing all the supporters on the sidelines. It brings tears to my eyes to see kids wearing shirts that say "See Mommy Swim. See Mommy Bike. See Mommy Run." Each participant has their name printed with their race number. The people who look especially worn out get the most cheers and encouragement from strangers along the side of the road. It's also striking that some of the participants don't look like what you might expect a triathlete to look like. They look more like, well, me. (Ok, not exactly but closer than you'd think). Watching the race I feel the opposite of worthless. I feel energized to know that when I set an incredible goal for myself someday (whatever and whenever that will be) I'll be able to reach it.
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