Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Haircut for Miss T

T has been asking for a haircut for quite some time. We compromised-- she wanted it a few inches shorter and I wanted to still be able to put it up. I like it and might consider going shorter next time. She likes it too but did cry over it at least once ("I want my long hair back!"). She definitely doesn't like it touching her neck (it "tickles") so she's sporting some cute short pigtails these days. Sleeping lately has been pretty good with both kids. Alex is doing great actually, but Talia is still waking up each night-- usually twice. The first time is usually a night terror and the second she just wants her blankets fixed and some patting. She's so lovey and cute at those times that it's hard to refuse.

Two nights ago she had a weird night terror where she kept licking her hand and then rubbing it on my arms and face, sort of like how a tiger might clean her cub. She was also freaking out, mostly incoherently, but possibly about a bear caught in a trap? Her eyes were darting around the room like she was witnessing something scary. Her class has been reading The Magic Tree House at school and the story takes place in the jungle so... maybe that's the issue? I don't know. It was freaky!
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Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Sweet shirt..and love the Swap quilt on other post. Too cute...