Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tuscan Salad and Greek Lentil Soup

Yummy salad tonight. It's Giada's Tuscan Salad. Also, Greek Lentil Soup from Cooking Light 1/08. It had parsnips, potatoes, carrots, shallots and sherry vinegar. The feta was my own personal touch. Talia actually stood by me for about 45 minutes helping with tasks such as putting the cut green beans into a bowl and weeding out the "yucky ones," using the salad spinner, measuring out the lentils and wearing an apron. I'm becoming more efficient in my kitchen (we've lived here 6 months already so it's about time) and I was able to clean the prep dishes more or less before we sat down to eat (by which I mean, of course, took turns to either eat or entertain Alex) so the goodness to dish ratio seemed high (which is good). I had to blanch the green beans though and that's a pot, a bowl of ice water and a colander to clean for the salad. Plus the lemon juicer (my favorite tool EVER), the whole salad spinner thing (thought I was being good by buying actual lettuce NOT from a bag), the peeler for the parmesan, a jar for the dressing and cleaning out the can of white beans to recycle. So actually, there was a lot of cleaning if not a lot of WORK for the salad. Then again, it was delicious. The soup, which turned out to be more like a stew (I kind of forgot to turn it down to simmer so it boiled hard for about 40 minutes uncovered), was ok. It tastes pretty good and has a nice zesty sherry vinegar zing but is also kind of boring as a meal. Whatever. That was dinner tonight. Talia had her usual beans and noodles. She ate a whole can of white beans. Alex ate noodles, cheerios and about three bites of some nasty babyfood before he put his hand in the jar and tipped it all over his high chair. I *may* have been paying more attention to the Hancocks of Paducah catalog than to him at the time...
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