Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mexico Vacation

Great vacation in Mexico with my Mom, Dad, Mikey, Jo, Brett, Marley and Talia. Ron and Alex stayed home-- Ron had to work and my mother-in-law watched Alex (Thank you!). I knew I couldn't take both kids with me on an airplane to Mexico and I'm really glad I didn't bring him because we had a nightmare of a time in Mexico City. We missed our connecting flight to Puerta Vallarta and had to scramble for another flight two days before Christmas and ended up staying in a hotel overnight there. The airport was so crowded, we lost our stroller and I had to pull all of our luggage (two suitcases and two carryons) everywhere around the huge airport. Talia was so good during all of this but I was frantic that somehow we would get separated. Anyway, all that was behind us as we arrived at the hotel in Puerta Vallarta and we had a wonderful time. We relaxed, swam, read, played, etc. Thank you Mom and Dad for a fantastic time!
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