Thursday, April 16, 2009

San Diego 2009

I always have trouble getting back into blogging after a vacation. I think it's because this blog is more about the minutia of my life-- what we had for dinner, which sewing project I'm working on, how Ron can't clean the kitchen to my satisfaction (to anyone's satisfaction, really), and how the kids won't sleep through the night (btw, this week has been baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad). So I'll just throw a huge collage up here and say we had a great time in San Diego. Our friends came all the way from Amsterdam to stay with us. It is really refreshing to take a vacation with friends. The kids got along GREAT, we cooked many meals together and the sleeping arrangements worked out fine. We finally got to meet little Yonatan-- I made the Hop Skip Jump quilt for him back in December. He is a great baby and so cute! I love having friends who feel like family and I'm sad we only see each other now once a year. We celebrated Pesach with them and also my birthday. We went to Legoland (again), Seaworld, Balboa Park, downtown La Jolla, the beach and the Fisherman's Village. Thank goodness my in-laws have a condo in San Diego. It makes me feel like I have a condo in San Diego. Isn't that nice?
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Mommy said...

Hi Cookie,
A LITTLE???????????? fabric???????
You are a pistol!!!!
I'm soooo glad you had time to yourself!!!! How well I remember...and still want it - not as much though!!!! Love your pix and LOVE the Chloe quilt :-) and toy...You are talented - for sure you didn't get any of this from em---or Baba---or her mom!!!!!
I love you,